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Belgacom deploys Wyplay’s latest generation software on its TV set-top boxes

September 9, 2012

Belgacom, the leading “quad-play” Telco operator in Belgium, has just updated its installed base of TV Set-Top Boxes (STBs) with Wyplay’s latest generation software, the global leader in software solutions for TV operators.

Belgacom, recognised as a benchmark among operators in Europe in terms of innovation, desired to make yet another significant step forward and provide its subscribers with new features and services that include:
• Cross-media (TV, VoD, EPG) recommendation functionality to assist the end user in the discovery and consumption of highly personalised content,
• An improved high-definition graphical interface that is faster and more responsive,
• And above all, a new software platform that will assemble and launch many new upcoming innovations.
Selected by Belgacom in early 2011, WYPLAY accepted this ambitious challenge and developed a complete solution from the driver layer up to and including the graphic user interface, introducing all these innovations for Belgacom’s new TV STB, but also for its installed base of set-top boxes.
“We are proud to have delivered our software and support all the new innovative features envisioned by Belgacom,” said Jacques Bourgninaud, Wyplay CEO. “Once again we have demonstrated our ability to not only develop leading and innovative solutions perfectly suited for today’s new generation of platforms but also our ability to deliver these type of solutions on an installed base of deployed set-top boxes.

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