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Cloud will burst without standards

September 10, 2012

Only a standardised approach to the cloud-delivered service environment will enable a breakthrough in interoperable seamless service integration into devices, warns global networking standards group, the UPnP Forum. This announcement comes during the IBC in Amsterdam, where a focus is being placed on the pioneering applications and technologies that are driving the future of device interoperability.

“Currently there is a real lack of standards for cloud service delivery and combined with the proliferation of next-generation services, many users are left flipping between a multitude of applications or frustrated at the lack of support on their platforms. The lack of certified standards makes it difficult, if not impossible, for manufacturers to innovate the user experience and provide seamless services to the end consumer,” says UPnP Forum President and Chairman, Dr. Alan Messer.

The concept of connected devices is fast evolving with cloud-devices currently a hot topic. The recent developments in cloud services delivered to apps and the implementation of other types of home networks (utility provider’s Smart Grids for example), as well as the changes witnessed in over-the-top content delivery, are expected to further impact the dynamics of the market.

“With the shift to a service plus device-based world, it is critical that there are standards in place to ensure the easy discovery of cloud services for seamless integration into cloud-attached devices. Standards have therefore never been more paramount – they will allow end experience innovation and integration while ensuring compatibility and interoperability.”

“The industry as a whole needs to work together to ensure levels of interoperability as never before and events like the IBC provide the perfect platform to explore a host of new technologies, applications and innovations. Connectedness everywhere is closer than ever to becoming a reality and the IBC demonstrates the industry is finally starting to come together.”

“UPnP Forum has taken a key role in the technologies and standards market for device interoperability and more recently we’ve expanded our efforts with the creation of our UPnP+ initiative, which is focused on delivering new technical capabilities to enhance functionality and meet the need for always-on services,” concluded Dr. Messer.

UPnP Forum is the global standards body that has paved the way for seamless connectivity between more than a billion home devices, and for more than a dozen years, UPnP technology has offered unique capabilities for consumer electronics and computing devices. The Forum continues to make major advancements and has recently widened its scope into Device Management Protocols as it continues its work in standardixing and managing the operation of LAN IP devices within the home network.

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