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James Cameron: “Blown away by glasses-free 3D”

September 18, 2012

Acclaimed movie director James Cameron admitted he was amazed by the quality of 3D-TV displayed at IBC last week. Speaking at a demo on the Dolby booth of the Dolby/Philips 3D joint-venture (which uses Dutch company Dimenco’s technology), he said “There is room for improvement but this already good enough for the consumer market, you guys are the first to blow out the door”.

A giant 56” display was being used to display 3D content, without glasses, from Cameron’s ‘Titanic’, and Martin Scorsese’s ‘Hugo’ 3D films. “I now feel motivated again to continue with 3D,” Cameron added.

Dimenco has licensed auto-stereoscopic display technology from Philips and uses Dolby 3D image processing to display on its new ultra-HD (4K) 3D panels. The major improvement – other than the lack of glasses – is the viewer angle which is extremely wide, and uses 28 different ‘views’ using multi-view lencticular lenses which maintain screen brightness, full contrast and comfort for the viewer.

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