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Spain pay-TV free fall, PPV collapses

September 21, 2012

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The Spanish pay TV market continues to be in free fall with a loss of over 100,000 subscribers, according to the latest report by the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT).

Prisa TV, owner of digital DTH platform Canal Plus, is the market leader with 1,731,140 subscribers (down 2.1 per cent) followed by cable company ONO, with 906,475 (down 5.5 per cent), Telefonica with its IPTV service Movistar Imagenio with 789,009 (up 1 per cent) and the pay DTT channel Gol TV with 333,246 customers (down 4.38 per cent).

Pay-TV revenues in the quarter amounted to €419.53 million, against €420.43 million the same period last year, with Canal+ taking the most of them, around 60 per cent, followed by Telefonica and ONO. Pay-per-view revenues dropped by 45.5 per cent with the number of rental services plummeting by 34 per cent, topped by PPV football with a drop of 90.7 per cent and cinema with a decline of 23.28 per cent.

The CMT’s report reveals that TV ad revenues in the commercial TV dropped by 16.3 per cent to €442.5 million in the second quarter with public TV channels taking the worst hit with a fall of 27.25 per cent to €38.41 million against a 15.1 per cent’s fall to €404.09 million in the private TV operators

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