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YouTube: “We do want partners”

September 21, 2012

In a keynote at The Next TV Summit, Alex Carloss, head of entertainment at YouTube/Google, stressed that the company is looking to partner with traditional content providers as well as fund new source of online content as part of its YouTube channel initiative.

He argued results have been very promising, with around “20 channels now averaging one million views a month and maybe 25 channels have [signed up] 100,000 subscribers since launch.”

Carloss also focussed on a shift to mobile consumption that would impact their approach to creating original digital content over the next year. “The transition to mobile will change how to program to these audiences.”

He noted that the channel effort was designed to help overcome the problem faced by users and advertisers to find the content they want. “There are some amazing things that come with the scale of 800 million monthly uniques and four billion video views,” he said. “But it challenges discoverability for users. It becomes hard work for advertiser to find audience and hard for content to build value for IP holders.”

He also noted that they were working with a number of studios and that they had announced a deal with Fox that would make around 600 titles available for rent on Google.

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