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TiVo earns $1bn from patent rulings

September 25, 2012

By Chris Forrester

The court verdict that awarded at least $250 million to TiVo from telco giant Verizon means that the ‘time warp’ patent-holder has now earned more than $1 billion for its IP, part of its DVR time-shifting technology.

And the cash will continue to come in. Most of the awards are also tied into royalty payments that will flow to the company for some years to come. As well as Verizon, TiVo has won actions – or agreed terms – against Microsoft, AT&T and Dish Network.

Moreover, there are still patent lawsuits pending. TiVo has actions against Google/Motorola, Cisco as well as Time Warner cable. Of course, one should not assume that all will go the way of TiVo, but the trend is definitely clear.

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