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Nativ: “Manual workflows holding back content industry”

September 27, 2012

Nativ, the media management and workflow expert, has published an independent report outlining the shortcomings and challenges of current workflow and is setting out its vision for helping the market overcome these.

With 16.5 billion rich-media devices expected to be in use worldwide by 2015 there is enormous opportunity for content owners to reach wider audiences and increase revenue potential. However, with this great opportunity comes the challenges created by new technology, new ways of working and new business models.

The report highlights the five key business process challenges faced by all content owners as:
•     Centralising all assets – in-house and externally managed content in one central place and in the right format
•     Managing video and audio assets – Tagging, linking, storing, versioning and structuring every asset so it can quickly and easily be found, sliced, diced, previewed and manipulated
•     Automating workflows – Creating streamlined workflows that match real world processes, with as few manual tasks as possible
•     Repurposing and distributing for every service – Automatically generating the best format for each channel and delivering it on time at the highest possible quality
•     Measuring the impact – Working out which video is the most successful and which channels and platforms work the best

“Many content owners, distributors and marketers are unable to make the most of what should be a golden age,” said Nativ CEO Jon Folland. “The tools and systems currently being used to manage and distribute content belong to the past. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like this. If, that is, the industry recognises that its traditional ways of managing and distributing film and TV content are no longer sustainable in today’s multi-platform world. What’s required now is a real platform that can be used in creative and trusted ways to build a secure and cost-effective ecosystem for the content creators and distributors alike.

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