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Industry Trust takes control of FindAnyFilm

October 2, 2012

By Colin Mann

The BFI – lead body for film in the UK – and copyright consumer education body the Industry Trust for IP Awareness, have announced a new era for The website, which helps connect movie fans with the films of their choice, will now come under the stewardship of the Industry Trust to play an integral part in its copyright education campaigns.

Launched in 2009, FindAnyFilm is one of the UK’s leading websites for film fans looking to watch, buy, download, stream or rent legitimate film, TV and video. With a database of more than 36,000 films, across all formats, it is ideally positioned to help counter copyright infringement, which continues to damage the economic viability of the UK Audio-Visual sector.

At present ‘convenience’ and ‘confusion’ are two key drivers of copyright infringement, according to research by ICM for the Industry Trust. Findanyfilm can play a pivotal role in countering these by offering consumers a clear, easy-to-use gateway to legitimate film, TV and video services.

The past year has seen the BFI work with the Industry Trust and other strategic partners to ready the site for this next phase. Extensive technical work has enhanced site functionality, improving Findanyfilm’s consumer and industry offering. The site’s transfer to the Industry Trust is an endorsement to the industry’s continued commitment to tackling copyright infringement via innovative solutions. is an audience led solution which promotes access to legal content.

Tim Cagney, Deputy CEO of the BFI, described FindAnyFilm as “a Lottery success story” noting that its initial funding and support made the site happen. “It has proved itself as a valuable weapon in the fight against copyright theft; now our partners at the Industry Trust are moving it to a fully sustainable model, completely independent of public funding,” he added.

Liz Bales, Director-General of the Industry Trust, said the site already played a central role in the Trust’s ‘Moments Worth Paying For’ advertising campaign by directing people to where they could enjoy content safely and legally.

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