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Oregan Networks presents its vision of next generation TV at Dataxis NexTV Summit 2012

October 2, 2012

Oregan Networks, the leading provider of embedded software solutions for Internet Protocol Television presents its vision of next generation TV at Dataxis NexTV Summit 2012, Mexico.

For consumers, the line between traditional broadcast and online, interactive content and applications is increasingly blurred and the expectation today is for ‘anytime, anywhere, any device’ access to entertainment and information. Immense opportunities exist for service and network operators, but as important as it is to embrace the Web, broadcast can’t be ignored, and the intelligent combination of the two delivery technologies is where the real value lies.

César Gómez, Business Manager LATAM at Oregan Networks, will be delivering a keynote speech at this year’s NexTV Summit in Mexico City, analysing the challenges, opportunities and best practices of implementing next generation hybrid TV in the context of the Latin American market. César will cover:

How an open-standards approach can enable service providers to deploy compelling hybrid services over managed and unmanaged networks;

Strategies for rapid launch and monetization of hybrid devices in developing broadband markets;

The economies of mass market Smart TV and subsidized Set Top Boxes: delivering sophisticated hybrid services via low cost hardware;

Why technology advancements such as adaptive streaming and over the top video DRM, as well as the explosion of high quality Internet applications and video assets now create a higher consumer attach rate on connected devices and services;

Creation of the perfect blend of TV delivery technologies: bespoke Internet Television systems and user experience built by operators such as British Telecom, Telefonica and Verizon.

César will be speaking at 16:00 on Wednesday, October 3rd. NexTV SUMMIT is taking place 3rd and 4th October, 2012 at Presidente Intercontinental Hotel, Mexico City.

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