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Telenet €30m for local content

October 3, 2012

Belgium cable operator Telenet will commit €30 million of new investment to local programming across the next four years with the funds aimed at Flemish drama, entertainment and formats.

The company has launched an initiative it calls the Telenet Stimulus for Audiovisual Productions in Flanders (STAP), to encourage Flemish producers to develop quality TV and film content.

“Telenet accepts its responsibility as a Flemish distributor, and intends to help maintain the current high level of successful and high-quality Flemish content,” said Ann Caluwaerts, Telenet’s senior vice-president for media and public affairs. “Telenet is making major investments – and this will boost the annual spending in the Flemish audio-visual production sector substantially. This will make it possible to realise a number of new productions every year that would otherwise not have materialised. This ensures the growth of the sector.”

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