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HbbTV European first and major innovation for multi-room applications in the home! Once again, Aston shows its know-how in digital TV reception.

October 8, 2012

Aston, historic actor on the digital TV market for over 20 years, provided a sneak-
preview at the IBC, showcasing a new technical platform integrating HbbTV technology. This new technical platform is based on MStar’s K2 secure chipset and integrates Viaccess-Orca’s latest technology: ACS 5.0.  Aston also provided an exclusive demonstration of a multi-room solution based on an ST Microelectronics  technical platform. Thanks to this solution, secondary home screens enjoy content received on the main screen, with no additional smart card need. Aston’s solution respects operators’ requirements in content protection.
The first operational HbbTV platform in a Viaccess-Orca environment (ACS 5.0 version), based on a technical platform using MStar’s K2 processor
Presented in a DVB-S2 single tuner version, this platform allows use of the new services and HbbTV content offered by an increasing number of operators all over Europe, both in broadcast and broadband mode. Operators who have been able to test it on a preview particularly appreciated its fluidity and reactivity in use. Based on MStar’s K2 processor, it enables HbbTV functionalities integration under optimal economic conditions. Lastly, it is the first platform with Viaccess-Orca version ACS 5.0 embedded and, by the end of the year, will come in a Conax CAS 7 version.

This platform integrates PVR functionalities developed and tested by Aston and will be available in a twin-tuner version with a multi-room streaming option in secure mode, thereby enabling the user to take full advantage of the technology developed by ASTON.

An exclusive, innovative and extremely easy-to-use cardless multi-room solution, based on an ST Microelectronics technical platform
Using a master receiver connected to the home’s main screen, the multi-room solution powered by Aston (which is based on an STI 71xx platform and will soon be available on the new STI 237 platform) enables to receive the various streams on up to three secondary screens fully independently.

This solution presents a major innovation: secondary receivers do not need additional smart card, while complying with operators’ contents protection requirements. This is made possible by using the most sophisticated algorithms in cryptography: AES and Diffie-Hellman. This cardless operating mode turns out to be much more convenient to use and is also more economical.

Through his new multi-room receiver Aston will inaugurate the new design for its Digital TV reception solutions range and its related User Interfaces.

The visible results on these platforms, due to developments achieved in less than 6 months, show Aston’s capacity to make the most of its relations with its partners (MStar, ST Microelectronics, and Viaccess-Orca), in order to provide markets with innovative, high-performance and economically realistic solutions.

These exclusive items and sneak previews once again demonstrate Aston’s determination to make innovation
the focus of its strategy, by developing and also renewing its strategic partnerships, showing the company’s
dynamism on the digital TV market.

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