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IEC: “There’s a 3D content famine”

October 11, 2012

Chris Forrester@Mipcom

IEC in Sports COO Peter Angell told MIPCOM delegates that TV producers and production houses needed to increase their 3D output in order to make a proper supply chain for 3D broadcasters. “At the moment 3D is waning because there simply isn’t enough content for broadcasters,” he stated.

“We need to kick-start the momentum and drive the production side to what broadcasters want. Moreover we need to do with top-rated shows. If the industry starts making these [top-rated] shows in 3D then the audience will quickly come. “

His advice was echoed by filmmaker and 3D director Julian Napier, who has guided 3DTV productions such as ‘Carmen’ from the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and ‘Starlight Express in the 3rd Dimension’, said that some high-profile TV productions have tried 3D but with disappointing results. “There’s no point in doing 3D if you are doing it with long lenses which squashes the content flat and with next to no depth.”

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