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Spanish government slashes DTT funds

October 11, 2012

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spaniards will have to foot the €300 million bill to implement the DTT migration following the Administration’s reduction of the planned financial aid of €40 million to €10 million, just 3 per cent of the total cost, citing lack of funds.

Around 1.2 million antennae in the country will have to be re-adapted as the allocation of the so-called digital dividend before January 2014 obliges broadcasters to move onto new digital frequencies. With the new round of cuts, Spanish residents’ associations will have to pay an average of €240 to have the SMATV antennae converted.

The total cost of adapting the antennae is estimated at €300 million. Broadcasters have to migrate to other frequencies and release the 800 MHz band by January 1st 2014 in order that this band can be used by operators to provide mobile broadband services.

Consumers and electronic manufacturers’ associations are opposing the new Government’s DTT plans on the grounds that it is the result of a short-term fix that will result in a higher bill for consumers, with the risk of losing 23,000 jobs in the electronics industry.

The Government will shortly approve a new DTT technical plan to detail the road map of the new DTT scenario.

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