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OLED launch dates slip back again

October 22, 2012

By Chris Forrester

South Korea’s LG and Samsung electronics giants have again delayed their launches of large-format OLED displays. While attendees at trade shows continue to be astounded by OLED’s colour reproduction it is now clear that the (once-promised) 2012 shipping dates are being further delayed.

Industry sources suggest that 55” OLEDs are proving harder to produce in economically sensible prices that initially expected. The problems centre on scaling up production of the ultra-thin screens to large-format sizes and avoiding a high – and expensive – wastage ratio.

More information, and firmer delivery dates, is not now expected to emerge much before CES in Las Vegas in January, although there are strong reports that LG and Samsung (each also suing one another over all sorts of patent disputes) will not start shipping OLEDs for the best part of a year from now.

Indeed, Panasonic is strongly tipped to introduce a new large-screen OLED at CES

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