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Muslim TV on Freeview and Roku players

October 24, 2012

Muslim TV package available on Freeview Channel 230 and Roku Streaming Player
Special offer – five channels available half price for the first six months (normally just £4.49)

UK viewers can celebrate Eid Al Adha this Friday with Muslim TV live on Freeview and Roku Streaming Players through the Vision TV Network from  Vision247. Broadcast in both Arabic and English, Muslim TV offers a vibrant mix of five cultural and religious channels of programming, from Qur’anic recitation to cookery shows, all provided live, all day, every day from across the Middle East.

Muslim TV introduces viewers to the Qur’an through readings on Al Majd Holy Qur’an; Al-Sira, the life of Prophet Muhammad, the Hadiths and the Sunna on Al Majd Al Hadith al Nabawi; religious broadcasts from Egypt on Al Nas TV;  and the the best quality Muslim programming in Arabic and English on the Iqraa channels.

To access these channels, viewers will need either a FreeviewHD enabled television or set top box; a Roku Streaming player; or a PC or web capable connected device. Any chosen device will be required to have access to a home broadband connection to receive Muslim TV broadcasts.

Muslim TV – on Vision TV Network2 – is located on Freeview channel 230. With just a click of the remote the Muslim TV package of channels are delivered over the internet at speeds which more than 90 per cent of UK homes currently support. On a Roku Streaming Player such as the Roku LT or Roku 2 XS, viewers need to first download the VisionTVNetwork app available free from the Roku ‘channels’ app store then just select Muslim TV to view.

Once connected to the VisionTVNetwork2 channel, viewers can view the full Muslim TV package for just £4.49 per month. But if they subscribe now they receive the first six months half price.

Older devices, non-compliant or FreeviewHD devices not connected to the internet will receive on screen tips advising viewers on what to do in order to view the new internet delivered channels. Viewers without Freeview or a Roku Streaming Player who wish to watch Muslim TV can still do so by visiting the website  HYPERLINK “”

John Mills, CEO of Vision247, said: “Muslim TV provides any UK viewer with a range of simple ways to watch the latest broadcasts live from the Middle East in the comfort of their home.  For the UK’s three million Muslims, it allows them to bring their families together to be closer to their faith. Muslim TV also gives everybody, including non-Arabic speakers, a very accessible window into a rich, vibrant culture.”

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