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Ireland switchover to bring €533m windfall

October 25, 2012

The Republic or Ireland will net a windfall of up to €533 million from the switch to digital TV broadcasts.

Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte said the current auction of airwave space left free by the turning off of analogue broadcasts was officially projected to reap €185 million for the Exchequer, but he now hoped to raise even more.

DotEcon, the consultants to regulator ComReg, the state body carrying out the current sell-off of space for high-speed mobile broadband, has predicted it could raise up to €533 million.

Rabbitte said the revenue would provide a welcome boost to state coffers, and the new space being sold would greatly enhance mobile broadband services for consumers.

He said: “The budgetary figures anticipate a revenue stream of €185 million. If it yields more than that . . . any money the Exchequer can get its hands on at the present time is very welcome… But as Communications Minister I’m even more interested in the capacity released to improve the quality of broadband in different parts of the country.”

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