Advanced Television

Motive Television 4G delivery solution

October 29, 2012

Motive Television, the London-based television software and services company, has developed a new solution that permits the managed distribution of video content to wireless devices in order to distribute the demand placed on 4G wireless networks more evenly over peak and off-peak periods.  Motive is a specialist in providing managed content delivery based on the success of its Television Anytime Anywhere platform in datacasting VoD content over broadcast and satellite networks. The new technology is at a Proof of Concept (PoC) stage, however, it is expected to move to trial beginning 2013.

Motive’s new solution will permit 4G mobile users access to a vast library of VoD while at the same time allowing providers to reduce congestion and improving the overall user experience.  When mobile viewers request a download of content, Motive’s solution manages delivery by reserving a scheduled off-peak timeslot for delivery on the network which optimises network bandwidth for more efficient video delivery.

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