Scripps profits up 20%

Scripps Networks saw revenues rise 12 per cent to $566 million, and net income racing ahead 20.1 per cent to $118.4 million in the quarter-year to September 30th.

Scripps’ Cooking Channel saw revenue rise 31 per cent, while its DIY Network rose 26 per cent and Food Network increased 11 per cent.

Revenues by network were as follows:
– Food Network was $199 million, up 11 per cent.
– HGTV was $195 million, up 8.1 per cent.
– Travel Channel was $68.9 million, up 10 per cent.
– DIY Network was $29.9 million, up 26 per cent.
– Cooking Channel was $21.6 million, up 31 per cent.
– Great American Country (GAC) was $6.9 million, up 15 per cent.

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