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Swisscom TV free for DSL customers

November 12, 2012

From December, Swisscom DSL customers will get free digital TV: Swisscom TV light offers access to more than 60 TV channels, as well as 22 in HD. The introductory offer is automatically included in DSL monthly subscriptions, giving customers telephony, Internet and TV in a single package. In addition, Swisscom TV start customers will now have access to 110 channels – around 60 channels more than before. Customers with a DSL start or mini subscription will be able to surf the Internet at more than twice the current speed for the same price.

Swisscom TV has been available for less than six years, already has more than 728,000 customers and is continuing to expand on its leading position in the digital television market. Now all Swisscom DSL customers with a monthly subscription can view digital TV for free: the Swisscom TV light introductory offer gives its customers access to more than 60 channels, as well as 22 in HD, with no monthly fee.

With the Swisscom TV app customers can also enjoy their digital entertainment anywhere and at any time on their smartphones and tablets.

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