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3net unveils U-HD 4K programming slate

November 15, 2012

By Chris Forrester

3net, the US 3D broadcast network owed by Sony, Discovery and IMAX, is preparing for the future with what it describes as ‘TotalD’ productions. It has announced a series of 3D – and what it calls world’s first native 4k -projects, for TV.

“Today’s announcement marks an important first step in our ongoing mission to meet the increasing global demand for high-quality, original 3D and 4K television content head on,” said 3net’s president/CEO Tom Cosgrove.  “We’re proud of the diverse initial slate of live-action and animated series we have created and look forward to expanding it as 3net Studios finalizes its full 2013 development schedule.”
‘Space’ is being produced in 3D and Ultra-HD 4,000 line “to immerse the viewer within space itself as concepts are presented with relatable visual storytelling. What’s the view like from inside a nebula, or a comet’s tail? What does traveling at the speed of light really look like, and just how hot is the planet Mercury? Each hour long episode of this three-part series will offer viewers an unprecedented opportunity to experience the answers through the use of breakthrough 3D and 4K production techniques,” says 3net.

Other productions from 3net Studios include ‘Frozen in Time: Our history in 3D’, a base-jumping series ‘Wingsuit Warrier’ which covers the exploits of base-jumper Jeb Coreliss.

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