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Xiaomi unveils $64 Android STB

November 15, 2012

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has unveiled the Xiaomi Box, an Android-based set-top box that will cost $64. The Xiaomi Box will have access to over 30,000 movies and TV shows. It will support photo and video beaming to the TV for Xiaomi phones, as well as the iPhone and the iPad via Airplay. It will run Android games, and killer apps for the device include Douban Music and Plants vs. Zombies, which has become a smash hit in China.

The Xiaomi Box hooks up to TV via HDMI and comes with a remote control. The startup plans to support the box with a video app for Android and iOS that will let phones serve as a remote.

Xiaomi also promises an open API interface for the Box in hopes of promoting a developer ecosystem around the box.

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