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comScore multi-platform audience measurement in Beta

November 30, 2012

Digital world measurement specialist comScore has confirmed the US Beta release of MMX Multi-Platform, the next generation of digital audience measurement and media planning. Building on MMX, Mobile Metrix and Video Metrix from comScore’s Audience Analytics suite, the product offers unduplicated accounting of audience size and demographics that reflects today’s multi-platform digital media environment, which includes websites, apps and video content accessed from multiple devices.

“We are excited to introduce our Beta version of MMX Multi-Platform, the next generation in digital audience measurement offering a unified 360-degree view of digital consumer behaviour across platforms and content types,” said Jeff Hackett, executive vice president of comScore. “With smartphones and tablets accounting for a rapidly expanding share of digital media consumption, comScore recognised the need to evolve our industry-leading audience measurement product to better represent this new paradigm. By developing proprietary methods to account for multi-platform audience overlap, we have designed a truly unique and innovative solution,” he claimed.

MMX Multi-Platform is expected to remain in Beta over the next several months as the product undergoes a thorough data review and validation with comScore clients. All publicly reported data included in this initial report are illustrative and should not be interpreted as official comScore rankings.

The most notable change from traditional MMX rankings are the overall audience increases for media properties with a measurable mobile presence; in some cases, these increases are substantial. Specifically, the MMX Multi Platform view shows 10 properties reaching 100 million unique visitors compared to six in a non-multi-platform view, 28 properties reaching 50 million (vs. 19), 77 properties reaching 25 million (vs. 51), 223 reaching 10 million (vs. 171) and 410 reaching 5 million (vs. 334)

Another visible way of reflecting this change is through the ranking of the top media properties. Properties that are particularly mobile-centric, or at least have a strong mobile extension of their brands, may realise strong increases in total audience size and rankings under MMX Multi-Platform reporting.

MMX Multi-Platform Beta is available to US clients immediately, and anticipated for introduction to the UK market in early 2013. Other international markets will follow thereafter.

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