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MTV two-screen with Gandia Shore app

November 30, 2012

MTV Spain is pioneering second screen interaction with its new interactive reality TV show, Gandia Shore. Using audio watermarking from industry leaders, Intrasonics, MTV is engaging its audience by granting access to exclusive content on their smartphones and tablet devices through the new MTV XTRA app.

Intrasonics’ technology has been built into in the MTV XTRA app to completely transform the viewing experience. When triggered by inaudible codes embedded in the MTV broadcast, the app allows the show’s millions of viewers to access a wide range of content including unseen footage, interviews with the stars, backstage pictures and teasers of future storylines.

Based on the US programme, Jersey Shore, and set in the Spanish town of Gandia, the programme attracted almost 5 per cent audience share for its first episode – a fivefold increase on MTV Spain’s usual share.

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