Sky Deutschland shoots first football in 4K U-HD

News Corp-backed Sky Deutschland is already on record for its enthusiasm for ‘next generation’ Ultra-HD broadcasting. On Saturday December 1st it put its money into capturing a football match in 4K, probably the first game to be test-recorded anywhere on the planet.

Brian Sullivan, CEO at Sky-D said the decision underlined the broadcaster’s position as an innovative leader in pay-TV in Germany and Austria. Sullivan stressed that Ultra-HD is for the future but that these first experiences are “already amazing”. The test, of a game between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, was the first of many more steps, said Sullivan.

Technically, Sullivan’s team used just one camera (a Sony F65 unit) at the stadium which they moved to various positions around the ground, and used different lenses. The content was captured on memory cards.  Sky’s local production partner was Kropac Media (based at Ingolstadt) which is fast building up a reputation for 4K shooting. Kropac also used a JVC 4K camcorder in a drone above the ground for aerial shots.

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