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Viewster aims to identify the world’s biggest movie buff

December 3, 2012

The Viewster team is getting ready to release Qster for Facebook, which is an app that will place movie fans across the globe in a competition against each other to identify films and actors before time runs out.
Before the public launch takes place, Viewster is giving users the opportunity to climb up the leaderboard by proving their movie knowledge. Qster displays movie scenes one by one and asks players to name the film, character, or actor in 10 seconds or less.
Featuring a mix of blockbusters and household names, the game gets progressively harder as players are faced with more obscure films and actors. Movie fans are rewarded with points for correct choices, which can be used to unlock even more movies to play with.

“While some of us are still discovering a love of film, others have spent a lifetime acquiring a vast knowledge of many of the greatest movies ever made,” said Kai Henniges, CEO, Viewster. “With so much information stored in people’s heads, we decided to try and identify the world’s biggest movie buff by putting the public’s movie knowledge to the test.”
Inspired by the classic game show ‘Name That Tune’, Qster is available to play for free in the Facebook App Center, so users can test their movie knowledge right away. Qster mobile apps will also be released soon.

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