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OIPF commissions Digital TV Labs test suite

December 5, 2012

Digital TV Labs, which provides independent, specialised receiver conformance products and professional services, has announced that the OIPF – Open IPTV Forum – has commissioned the company to develop a test suite and associated test harness to enable the certification of OIPF-conformant IPTV, OTT and hybrid devices.

The Open IPTV Forum enables and accelerates the creation of a mass market for IPTV by defining and publishing free-of-charge standards-based specifications for end-to-end IPTV services of the future. This is both for “open” (OTT) services and “managed” IPTV systems, with the tests commissioned from Digital TV Labs designed for both. HbbTV, widely adopted by broadcasters across Europe, is based on the specifications created by the Open IPTV Forum.

The results of the co-operation will be included in the first release of the OIPF Test Suite expected to be available early next year as well as the second release of the HbbTV Test Suite expected in the second half of 2013. Digital TV Labs has been very closely involved with the development of the official HbbTV Test Suite against the v1.1 specification from within the HbbTV Consortium and has authored nearly 50 per cent of its tests. The OIPF test suite will be operated by an OIPF test harness based on an upgraded Ligada iSuite providing a common, automated test tool for both HbbTV and OIPF testing and conformance.

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