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IBM: Social media users face info overload

December 6, 2012

IBM has conducted research that shows how consumer behaviour is radically changing in a world increasingly dominated by online and social media.

Polling opinions from over 2,000 individuals across the UK, the research shows that – despite living in an age of information overload – consumers are becoming more analytical in the way they make decisions, developing formidable filtering and comparison skills in order to rapidly make judgements in all areas of their lives.

The research shows that:
–  62 per cent of consumers think the Internet and social media has made decision-making easier than five years ago
– Broadcast media is (TV & radio) is on average five times less influential on decision-making than online sources
– Young adults (18 -24) are twice as likely to use social media to research purchases as the 35+ age bracket
– Consumers now value online ‘crowd-sourced’ word-of-mouth – such as opinions on review sites – as much as the opinions of friends and family
– Spelling and grammar have a significant influence on whether opinions are trusted or not – particularly among young adults

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