Advanced Television

Intel joins Comcast to support Xfinity TV

January 8, 2013

Intel is collaborating with Comcast so that customers can enjoy the Xfinity TV experience on IP set-top boxes, Ultrabook devices, Intel-based all-in-one PCs, tablets and smartphones as well as smart TVs in the home. This experience is made possible by the Intel Puma 6MG-based XG5 multi-screen video gateway.

“Working closely with service providers like Comcast allows us to bring exciting new entertainment experiences to tablets, phones, all-in-one PCs and Ultrabook devices,” said Alan Crouch, Intel vice president and general manager, PCCG Service Provider Division.

The XG5multi-screen video gateway, which is designed by Arris, a communications technology company, allows any screen in the home to access high-quality live and on-demand entertainment. This new category of device provides video, voice and high-speed Internet via MoCA, DECT and Wi-Fi from one device creating a home network for numerous devices and second screens. Multi-screen video gateways are emerging devices that centrally manage pay TV, broadband access to voice as well as new services such as home security and home management.

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