Merlin brings new newsgathering opportunities for KTN

Quicklink is proud to announce that KTN Kenya Television Network, part of the Standard Media Group has recently purchased a fleet of Merlin Backpack Encoders in order to further enhance their newsgathering capabilities.

The prestigious Kenyan broadcasting company chose the Quicklink Merlin due to the amazing 4Mbps quality live transmissions that were reliably achieved on the 3G cellular network.

KTN are leading the way in the broadcasting arena and now are able to get the stories that were previously not possible and to be first to get the breaking news live on air. The Merlin encoder offers versatility and mobility allowing reporters to transmit live from areas that were previously inaccessible with an SNG truck.

The bonding technology on the Merlin, high gain antennae system and Continuous Video Technology (CVT) serve to increase performance of the encoder even in remote areas where broadcast was not possible before. The Quicklink Merlin encoders are being used to transmit live and recorded footage back to their headquarters using the mobile network.

Peter Watling at Quicklink adds “This is a very positive step for KTN, the reality of what is now achievable is fantastic, and there are so many possibilities that were simply not available before. The Merlin is certainly a high impact but cost effective solution”


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