Sony re-masters content in 4K

Breaking-BadSony Pictures Television is already shooting up-to-date TV series in the new 4K Ultra-HDTV/1 format to supply content into the growing flow of 4K-enabled displays available in the market.

New TV shows being shot in 4K include Save Me starring Anne Heche and due to air this Spring on NBC, and Masters of Sex starring Martin Sheen, being taped for Showtime and which will screen later this year.

Sony will also re-master all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad into 4K, plus a huge roster of classic movies including Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, and On The Waterfront.

As well as readying content for TV screening (in ‘ordinary’ HDTV), the output will emerge on suitable 4K packaged Blu-ray media, labelled as ‘Mastered in 4K’. While no 4K Blu-ray players exist today, Sony suggests that the content will provide the “best possible picture” when up-converted to Ultra-HDTV displays.

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