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TechniSat introduces software standard for ISIO receivers

February 1, 2013

With the software upgrade TechniCorder ISIO S and DIGIT ISIO S benefit of numerous new features. In addition to the YouTube support it includes also the new smartphone app MyTechniSat.

With the free updating service TechniMatic from TechniSat the software on your ISIO receiver is always up to date. As soon as enhancements or improvements to the operating software are available, the set carries out an automatic software update at the appropriate time (adjustable in the menu of the TV). This ensures a high level of future-security and a wider and improved range of functions.
Now TechniSat presents a new software standard with new features and services for the digital receivers DIGIT ISIO S and TechniCorder ISIO S:

MyTechniSat app
MyTechniSat app combines functions of a remote control with the access to the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), the timer organiser and a service for retrieving stored videos, music and pictures on the TechniSat device. Besides the classic remote control surface, MyTechniSat app offers also an optimized interface for smart phone that can be controlled intuitively by the typical swipe using a control pad and only three function keys. A touchpad simplifies the use of the integrated web browser through the direct control of the cursor, a scroll and zoom function. Texts – such as Internet addresses – can be entered via the integrated keypad.

Folder structure
Future recordings can be sorted into a folder structure. In addition, recordings can be stored directly in folders. Both improve manageability and the archiving of data on the hard disk.

HTML 5 makes YouTube Leanback available on all ISIO receivers
The free software update for all ISIO receivers supports the video format HTML 5. With the new software, ISIO receivers permit the access to YouTube Leanback. YouTube Leanback is the TV-optimized version of the popular video portal, which brings millions of videos directly on the TV screen.

Late descrambling via CI
This function is able to decrypt recorded Pay-TV programmes afterwards. In case of the usage of one CI-module including a respective Smartcard the function enables you to record two encrypted programmes simultaneously. One programme will be recorded encrypted and the other one can be watched and recorded unencrypted at the same time. The descrambling process of the encrypted recording will be done at a later time.

UPnP renderer
With the UPnP renderer your ISIO receiver becomes a player for music, pictures and videos in your home network.

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