Google pressures card companies over pirate sites

Google is in talks with Visa, Paypal and Mastercard to persuade them to block illegal websites from receiving funding.

Google has in the past urged authorities to “follow the money” when it comes to stamping out piracy sites and is wants to avoid changing its search results to not include illegal sites.

Under pressure from authorities card companies stopped handling donation to

In a report published last year Google – in partnership with PRS for Music – outlined ways to choke businesses making money from illegal activity. The report analysed various funding models in use by sites offering music downloads, movie streaming and other unlicensed content. Google’s concluded that it was important to tackle the piracy problem at source by targeted companies which advertise on piracy sites – as well as payment providers that enable the collection of subscription money.

Paypal has yet to respond to the reports, while Visa told the BBC it would not be making a comment. In a statement, Mastercard said: “Mastercard takes online safety and security seriously.”We work closely with our partners to ensure the best possible experience when using electronic payments.”

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