Rovi to Drive HEVC, multi-screen interactivity and new mobile revenue streams

Rovi Corporation, driving digital entertainment innovation, will be showcasing new technologies at Mobile World Congress (stand #7182 in hall seven of the Fira Gran Via) that are designed to enable mobile app developers, operators, and device manufacturers to satisfy the increased demand for digital entertainment access on mobile devices. The company’s announcements and demonstrations at this year’s show address the need for enabling greater access to content, higher video quality and increased interactivity across multiple devices. Leading Rovi’s showcase will be a demonstration of DivX HEVC 720p integrated with DivX Plus Streaming, developed to support the rollout of the newly ratified High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard for mobile and consumer electronic devices. The demonstration is an example of Rovi’s focus on bringing technologies to market to promote the rapid adoption of HEVC.

The pace of the adoption cycle of connected mobile platforms and IP-based video services has quickened and created new business opportunities as the market moves towards enabling Entertainment Unbound – an enhanced entertainment experience supported by broader device access, more content choices and an array of consumption models that are optimized for the viewing environment, as well as the individual tastes and needs of the user. In this environment, HEVC’s promise of reducing storage and bandwidth cost by up to nearly 50 per cent while maintaining quality playback will greatly enable mobile operators’ ability to meet consumers’ demands for streaming content through IP wireless services.

Outlined in its plan for HEVC, announced at CES 2013, Rovi will be readying its MainConcept branded codec SDKs and DivX solutions to help enable mobile operators, consumer electronic manufacturers, service providers and other businesses meet demands for streaming content through IP wireless services. In addition, Rovi plans on using DivX Plus Streaming technology to package the benefits of HEVC with advanced features such as support for 1080p, subtitles, multiple language tracks, and trick-play functions such as smooth fast forward and rewind for playback. Support for HEVC will also be integrated in the next version of its DivX consumer playback software to enable consumers to enjoy high definition content, including 4K, as soon as it is released. Rovi plans to have an end-to-end solution for professional HEVC content creation, distribution and playback on PC, mobile and consumer electronics devices. The steps outlined in Rovi’s plan provide a clear path towards enabling manufacturers and service providers to be better apt at responding to consumer demand for high quality content on any device and enabling content to be properly distributed to the screen size — no matter the device.

As it powers up these technologies to propel HEVC, Rovi continues to receive industry support for DivX and DivX Plus Streaming technologies as leading standard technologies for promoting high quality video playback.  This is demonstrated by its latest announcement regarding its agreement with LG Electronics to extend the long-standing support for DivX video playback in LG consumer electronics devices. This agreement also licenses DivX Plus Streaming for LG’s mobile devices to enable an enhanced streaming experience for consumers that is compatible with a range of video services from retailers, operators, and content owners.

Also on display at Rovi’s stand (#7182 in hall seven of the Fira Gran Via) during the show will be:

• A beta version of its new DivX Stash service, launched this week to the general public: DivX Stash enables users to personalize their online video experience while simplifying the process of collecting, organizing and enjoying videos from around the web on mobile devices (iOS and Android tablets and smartphones) and computers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox).
• The expansion of Rovi Advertising Service with in-app advertising within third-party and Rovi applications running across a range of platforms including Smart TV, iOS, Android, and Nexus: Rovi in-app program promotes the integration of advanced display and video advertising in mobile phone, tablet and connected TV apps.
• Rovi data and guidance technologies optimized for mobile and tablet applications: The depth and breadth of Rovi entertainment data enables manufacturers and service providers to enhance their consumer interface and applications with quality images and entertainment information that greatly impact the user experience and simplify the discovery of content.

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