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Eutelsat and Deutsche Telekom settle sat-dispute

February 28, 2013

Eutelsat has been arguing with Deutsche Telekom over certain satellite assets at 28.5 degrees (which is the location used to beam hundreds of TV channels into the UK and Ireland).  The dispute has been settled.

The argument has been the subject of arbitration proceedings before the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, and the result could impact a separate dispute also being arbitrated between Eutelsat and SES over the same frequencies. Eutelsat is accusing SES of breaking an agreement signed in 1999 which outlined how both satellite operators would continue to work together to coordinate satellite frequencies at the 28.2/28.5 degrees East positions.

Deutsche Telekom, in its annual report published February 28th said simply that “following intensive negotiations, the parties signed a settlement agreement on February 7th to terminate the proceedings.”

The Report makes clear that Eutelsat wanted clarification on a right to use a certain orbital position, and the agreement between Deutsche Telekom and Media Broadcast GmbH which acquired the rights “a number of years ago”. The Deutsche Telekom (DT) statement says that DT is no longer involved in the satellite business.

The ongoing dispute between Eutelsat and SES will determine who controls the frequencies currently used by Eutelsat’s 28A/Eurobird satellite. That argument is being heard at a Paris arbitration tribunal. SES has said that on October 4th it intends transmitting on the disputed frequencies currently occupied by Eutelsat.


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