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Second screen ad format engages ITV audiences

February 28, 2013

ITV Commercial has revealed its findings following the trial of a new interactive advertising format, Ad Sync, which found that dual-screen advertising drives stronger engagement and post-advertising actions.

Last year, during The X Factor finals, ITV created a new interactive ad format which allowed viewers to explore more about the advertiser’s products or services using their second screens. The format, named Ad Sync, offers brands the opportunity to reach consumers on second screen devices with an interactive message that is synchronised with on-air spots. Tapping into increasing second screen audiences and evolving consumer behaviour, the format provides an integrated dual-screen experience for viewers and a new opportunity for advertisers as part of their broadcast campaign.

The flexible ad format works across mobile and tablet and can be tailored to suit each brand’s aims and messages. Six clients came on board to showcase their brand with Ad Sync during The X Factor 2012 live finals in 2012 including Rimmel, Tesco and Samsung.

Jon Block, Head of Commercial Innovation said: “Across the six advertisers, the new Ad Sync format saw active engagement of over 38 per cent and a click through rate of 8.75 per cent. Our audience’s dual-screen behavior is unlocking a whole new dimension to broadcast advertising and we are delighted with the extremely positive response amongst our viewers.”

Alongside the Ad Sync trial, ITV also conducted a research project with a core demographic of women aged 16-34 to measure the effect of dual screen exposure. Key findings showed that dual-screen advertising drives stronger post-advertising actions, in particular for brand investigation (up from 35 per cent to 49 per cent) and purchase intent (up from 68 per cent to 84 per cent).

Jon Block added: “ITV is a market innovator in the dual-screen space, proven through our dedicated apps and exclusive Shazam partnership. Engagement with the TV spot is crucial, and our new Ad Sync format gives our clients the opportunity to own the TV spot in the second screen environment including exciting new creative and call-to-actions.”


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