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Telefónica’s IPTV loses subs

March 1, 2013

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Movistar Imagenio, the IPTV service operated by Telefónica, has failed to dodge the economic crisis and subsequent downward trend in the pay-TV business. It lost 122,000 subscribers in Spain in 2012 taking it down to 712,000, with the majority of the losses coming in the last quarter with a 40 per cent decrease.

In other countries, Movistar Imagenio did marginally better. The Czech Republic saw a 4 per cent increase in its IPTV customer base reaching 141,000. In Latin America, it grew by 7 per cent on average with Chile reaching 424,000, up 8 per cent and Peru 902,000 up 13 per cent.

Telefónica is reshuffling its IPTV offer in order to boost subscriptions. One of its latest moves was the launch of Movistar Fusion, an integrated service with fixed, mobile telephony, high speed Internet access and pay TV in a strategy to attract new customers.

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