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DTG consult on future of digital TV interoperability

March 6, 2013

The Digital TV Group (DTG) is consulting its 140 member organisations and the wider industry on the future management of digital television interoperability in the UK.

The DTG will use consultation responses to establish a new framework for managing the way that different TV products and services work together (inter-operate) in the UK digital TV market.

DTG Director General, Richard Lindsay-Davies said: “We have grown to expect digital TV to be crash free – while we continue to get it right consumers are unaware of the rigour we apply behind the scenes that ensures digital TV receivers and services simply work.

“The existing framework for ensuring the various parts of the digital terrestrial television delivery chain operate together seamlessly has helped the industry to deliver a reliable, consistent and world leading TV experience to over 19 million homes in the UK.

“As systems become more advanced, the challenge for the UK industry is how to decide what future interoperability regimes should look like, taking into account the need to optimise performance while minimising cost. With the completion of digital switchover and the upcoming introduction of new technologies such as 4G and white space, now is the perfect time to review the efficiency and efficacy of what the market relies on today to ensure we meet the technology and business demands of tomorrow.”

The consultation seeks views from across the industry on the following five topics:

–  The purpose of interoperability management and risks associated with a suboptimal framework

– Categorisation of different digital TV functions according to how important interoperability management is

–  Preferences/expectations on WHAT approach is needed to support interoperability for different digital TV functions (e.g. legislation, regulation, standards, best practice, other, none)

– Preferences/expectations on WHO should determine/set the rules/ mechanisms needed to support interoperability for different digital TV functions (e.g. government, regulatory authorities, broadcasters, manufacturers, platform, trademark licensor)

– Preferences/expectations on HOW the rules/ mechanisms needed to support Interoperability for different digital TV functions should be monitored and managed (e.g. no testing, self testing, independent testing etc).

The DTG aims to publish a report based on the consultation findings this Spring and implement any early findings that have gained consistent and broad support from industry without delay.

The consultation is now open – the deadline for all responses is Friday 22 March at 5pm.

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