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Netflix: UK among slowest broadband

March 12, 2013

Virgin Media provides the fastest broadband service in Britain according to figures from Netflix – which also ranks the UK third from bottom in its league table of broadband speeds.

The Netflix ISP speed index lists highest, lowest and average Internet speeds for the US, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Norway and Sweden.

The UK averaged a maximum speed of 2.37Mbps on Virgin. The lowest speed of 1.77Mbps came on EE which was the only UK ISP to get slower in the past six months.

BT manages an average of 2.25Mbps, O2 hit 2.23Mbps and BSkyB recorded 2.10Mbps. All of which gives the UK an average of just 2.07Mbps, beating only Ireland and Mexico in the overall rankings.

The fastest speed is found in the US, courtesy of Google Fiber, the experimental Google-funded fibre-optic network in Kansas City. Residents enjoy 3.35Mbps, contributing to an average of 2.30Mbps for the country.

The next highest is Sweden, with 2.99Mbps. The country with the best lowest speed is Finland, with 2.28Mbps — making it the overall best performer on average.

The worst performer is Mexico, with an average speed of 1.65Mbps.

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