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ALi HD network media player

March 14, 2013

ALi Corporation, a STB solution provider, has announced the launch of its new high definition network media player, M3912, featuring multi-screen video sharing technology.

Applications of ALi’s M3912 include multi-screen bridges, which enable sharing of local or cloud media content from smartphones/tablets to TV screens; DVB to IP thick clients, which allow reception and free selection of DVB broadcast programs for simultaneous enjoyment in any room; network multimedia players, which provide multimedia decoding and Internet browsing capabilities.

Wireless display mirroring is becoming mainstream with hundreds of Miracast-enabled devices presented on the show floors of CES and MWC 2013. Miracast, a wireless screencast standard by the Wi-Fi Alliance, enables users to echo display from a small-screen device such as a smartphone or tablet onto a TV in real-time via a Wi-Fi Direct connection. Many big name tech players including major handset and tablet makers have signaled their support for Miracast. Google’s Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, for example, supports the Miracast specification by default. With ALi’s M3912, which fully supports Miracast, users will be able to share media from any Android 4.2 device onto a TV.

M3912 also supports DLNA devices including digital media renderers(DMR) that play content received from devices on a local area network, as well as digital media players(DMP) that find content over a local area network and provide playback and rendering capabilities. M3912’s DLNA technology is empowered by third party certified DLNA software solution provider, ACCESS, ensuring great compatibility and reliability. Furthermore, M3912 provides DVB demux capability to receive digital broadcasting content from DVB>IP server over existing home area network, allowing users to enjoy broadcasting programmes of their choices in different rooms.

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