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Egypt lifts satellite ban

March 25, 2013

Egypt’s Administrative Court has defied the country’s government and issued an order that in effect lifts the rules on censorship previously in place and which had resulted in many channels being banned.

The court explained in its detailed verdict that censorship is not within the jurisdiction of the Media Minister or others, pointing out that this jurisdiction belongs only to the General Authority for Investment.

It added, “The censorship should take the form of self-censorship, it should be carried out by professional media persons, so that it is objective.”

Reportedly the NileSat satellite operator had been faced in the challenging position of having to uphold decision made by the Media Ministry (the Ministry of Information)  and which had resulted in the halting of some satellite television channels, according to reports from the Media Ministry saying its content should be censored, yet the Administrative Court suspended the decision on the basis of a lack of jurisdiction.

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