Hyperoptic offers 1Gb in UK

New ISP Hyperoptic is throwing down the gauntlet to the UK’s other broadband providers by offering home connections at one gigabit per second.

The start-up claims its top-speed service is 10 times faster than rival packages from BT and Virgin Media, with users able to download a HD movie in seconds.

Hyperoptic has already installed its fibre optic network in 20,000 homes in London – mostly in large blocks of flats and urban areas where installation costs are lower. The company is offering its one-gigabit-per-second broadband at £50 (€62) per month.

“You might not need one gigabit now, but history shows people will use it as time goes on,” said managing director Dana Tobak. “I wouldn’t pretend there is a need for a gigabit, but there isn’t a need for a Ferrari either.”

Hyperoptic is also targetting the TV market after hiring former BT Vision executive Darren Shenkin to develop its own service.

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