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Scripps overhauls Travel Channel

March 25, 2013

Scripps Networks’ Travel Channel, has announced a comprehensive brand refresh across all international territories.

The roll out will occur in territories outside the US from this week, where the channel will still retain an international look and feel. The US will be leading a major launch to reflect its new brand shortly thereafter.  With Scripps’s acquisition of Travel Channel International one year ago, the ambition was to bring the channel more in alignment with the overall Scripps brand, strategically unifying Scripps’s extensive library of content with new local commissions.

Outside the US, the channel will have a more substantial overhaul of its scheduling and programming, including series premieres across six new programming genres, complimented by Scripps staple core programmes that continue to resonate with global audiences. As a part of the overhaul, the newly enhanced schedule will see in excess of four hundred hours of content added.

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