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SIC Notícias to launch on Bell Canada

March 27, 2013

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Portuguese commercial broadcaster SIC has announced that its all-news channel, will now be aired in Canada, following an agreement with Bell.

SIC Notícias will be available in the Portuguese language package of TV channels, together with SIC Internacional. The broadcaster also expects to sign a distribution agreement in France in the near future.

In a statement, Portuguese media group Impresa, which owns the broadcaster, pointed out that SIC is the national broadcaster with the highest number of international TV channels. A total of four are available on different international markets: SIC Internacional (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Andorra, USA, Canada, Angola, Mozambique, South Africa and Brazil), SIC Notícias (Switzerland, USA, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, and now Canada), SIC Mulher (Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde) and SIC K (Angola and Mozambique).

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