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Intrasonics’ Heartbeat delivers TV audience insight

April 4, 2013

Audio watermarking pioneer, Intrasonics, has launched its Heartbeat encoding package, enabling broadcasters continuously and automatically to audio watermark their entire output for the first time. The technology will allow broadcasters and their advertisers to capture deep insights on TV viewing habits and develop highly-creative second-screen experiences.

The Heartbeat solution aims to put the broadcaster in control of second screen engagement on its channels, enabling them to use to the rapidly-growing number of viewers using a mobile device while watching TV to drive in-depth audience insights.

Heartbeat automatically inserts watermark codes into the audio broadcast at regular intervals. Whether consumed live or on catch-up, the codes can be picked up by suitably enabled apps on viewers’ smartphones or tablets, meaning broadcasters can gain a detailed understanding of consumption patterns of their shows at any time. The codes also empower broadcasters to develop compelling additional content, such as access to exclusive content, play-along games and loyalty rewards.

Luc Jonker, CEO of Intrasonics, said: “We’ve seen some impressive second screen programming over the last few months, but already it’s evident that 2013 will be the year it really takes off. Our Heartbeat product – a world first – will enable broadcasters to take control of second screen by easily, constantly and automatically audio watermarking entire broadcasts. The valuable data they can now glean, combined with the freedom they now have to develop ever-more innovative interactive content, has the power to transform both the effectiveness of TV advertising and how we watch TV.”

The UK’s Facejacker, Spain’s El Hormiguero and Gandia Shore, Canada’s Instant Cash and Belgium’s Fastest Quiz in the World are among many programmes to have used the technology.

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