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Studios want Google to remove their piracy notices

April 5, 2013

Two film studios have asked Google to take down links to messages sent by them requesting the removal of links connected to film piracy. All the 20 million ‘takedown’ requests Google receives each month are all published online.

Fox and Universal Studios think by making the notices available, Google is unintentionally highlighting the location of allegedly pirated material, say some experts.

According to its transparency report, Google complied with 97 per cent of the requests it received for links to material published outside copyright to be removed from its search engine between June and December 2011.

Meanwhile it is reported that the first episode of the new Game of Thrones series is the world’s new most pirated content. But David Petrarca, who directed a couple of episodes, was reported to have said at a literary festival in Australia that piracy gave the series a “cultural buzz” but has since denied that he is in favour of the activity.

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