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Civolution 4k forensics

April 8, 2013

Civolution confirms its support of 4k Ultra HD  for its NexGuard – Streaming forensic watermarking solution. Capitalixsing on its unrivalled experience in 4k video watermarking in Digital Cinema, Civolution is now offering video service providers watermarking solutions for 4k Ultra HD content distribution.

Civolution’s NexGuard – Streaming technology can be used to provide service providers with session based forensic watermarking for 4k content distribution, enabling content owners to offer their most valuable content in Ultra HD with confidence. NexGuard aims to deter potential piracy, as the solution can be used to clearly trace origin and prosecute misuse

“Ultra high definition is coming; CES was full of amazing 4k displays, the 2014 World Cup is certain to be broadcast in some territories in 4k, the first direct-to-consumer 4k movie delivery services are starting and trials are underway globally,” said Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution.

“Of course content is king; for Ultra HD to take off, movies and sport need to be distributed in 4k. We’ve been watermarking 4k cinema content for several years now and by offering service providers with watermarking for 4k content we are providing one more piece in the 4k technology jigsaw. By enabling content owners to track content origin we’re providing the added confidence needed for content owners to allow movies and sports to be distributed in 4k,” concluded Terpstra.

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