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Thousand interactive shows for Visiware

April 8, 2013

Colin Mann @ MIPTV

French interactive studio Visiware is celebrating the 1,000th TV show enhanced by its second screen technology at MIPTV, as well as unveiling its B2B solution line-up, covering almost all genres from talent shows to news shows, from Sports to Music.

Visiware provides a white label second screen solution for channels, producers, operators and advertisers, allowing its clients rapidly to deploy immersive interactive experiences to enrich their shows or spots through the web, iPhones, iPads, or Android smartphones and tablets.

Initially used to create synchronised interactivity for international game-show formats for its clients Endemol and Sony Pictures Television, Visiware’s technology has also demonstrated its potential for sports, talent shows. More recently, Visiware has signed with some of the leading international networks and producers for project ranging from enriching one-offs to enabling interactivity across all programmes.

“Thanks to our clients and the expertise gained with the first one thousand shows, we have a very rich and robust platform to support all interactivity from a single show, up to a complete network or operator second screen strategy,” noted Laurant Weill, Founder and Executive Chairman.

“Second screen is a fast growing trend that no one ignores in the media industry. Our ambition is to help channels, producers and advertisers create additional value around their programmes with a powerful, innovative and reliable set of tools. Reliability and creativity have always been part of Visiware’s DNA and we believe that our robust and flexible platform is, along with our deep understanding of the users’ experience, a key success factor,” he added.

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