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Euronews outlines YouTube deployment strategy

April 9, 2013

Colin Mann @ MIPTV

Following a range of initiatives announced October 2012 as the service approached its 20th anniversary, international news channel Euronews confirmed at MIPTV that it is rolling out a new organisation that plays on the strengths of its 400-strong journalist staff and the quality of its editorial line.

The user experience – already pinpointed as a priority by Euronews in early 2011 – is now more than ever at the heart of its news offering. A ‘product marketing’ approach is being applied to each existing and new mode of consumption, whether digital or not. The product marketing and innovation department, a recently created cross-functional unit that acts as a matrix for anticipating the new ways in which news is consumed, is tasked with ensuring that Euronews’ media offering performs for users and consolidating its place among the world leaders.

In close conjunction with Euronews’ editorial, broadcasting and technical departments, it researches and develops the news offering produced by the editorial department for the global market.

Among Euronews’ wide range of media products, the following are already available: 24/24 live TV signal; VOD; mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Google Play; smart TV applications; digital radio; content onboard vehicles; and news produced for airlines and websites, but also for the 16 YouTube channels.

Michael Peters, Euronews CEO also presented the service’s strategy to drive development on YouTube. A YouTube pioneer, present since 2007, Euronews today ranks in the platform’s top five of news content providers and is the world’s number-two news TV channel with 7.2 million unique visitors a month.

Responding to the evolution of the YouTube ecosystem, with fast expansion of the content offering and number of consumption modes, the team at Euronews, thanks to its experience and its embrace of all technology and behaviour shifts, has redesigned its 12 news channels on YouTube by overhauling their style and substance to better satisfy users’ news search requests.

Among the upgrades: Euronews’ channels will offer a new subject hierarchy, a broader choice of playlists, a deeper theme-based search capability, and optimum responsiveness to world news (in 12, and soon 13, languages). The video formats produced by Euronews will also be optimised for simpler, higher-quality viewing.

In recognition, Euronews has become the world’s first-ever news medium to be given ‘Multi Channel Network’ status by YouTube. Media partners can join the Euronews multi channel network on YouTube take advantage of its traffic and wide audience.

“I can state with certainty that Euronews will soon cease to be a TV channel, in the strict sense of the term, but will operate as a global media providing strong content and developing a range of products that enhances the user experience any place, any time. This is what makes Euronews a trusted brand on the world market,” Peters concluded.

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