Advanced Television

1080p broadcast server from LandscapeHD

April 10, 2013

Colin Mann @ MIPTV

Free-to-air instrumental music channel LandscapeHD has launched what it describes as a “revolutionary” new technology for modern television delivery. Designed to avoid prohibitively expensive broadcast costs that inhibit the growth of niche music television channels, the new generation server can deliver a highest quality 1080p television signal (in an 8Mb or 10Mb feed) into any telecoms, cable or traditional television system without the need for satellite or streaming.

The server only requires a normal broadband connection with minimal external bandwidth to guarantee a 24-hour continuous feed. “It’s doing the job of a regular £15,000 TV server for less than the cost of an iPhone,” claimed LandscapeHD Chairman Nick Austin.

LandscapeHD is also offering distributors at MIPTV the opportunity to sign up to distribute its channel, all rights cleared, with the aim of creating the world’s first ‘Long-tail TV channel’. Based on global music sales, LandscapeHD estimates approximately 1/5th of the world’s adult population have an untapped appetite for relaxing classical and instrumental music TV, which showcases the beauty of the world. Using the principles of digital advertising it therefore aims to monetise its global, niche audience by using language-less destination, hotel and global brand advertising, with all 190 countries in the world the target market.

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