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Seiki slashes UHDTV costs

April 17, 2013

By Chris Forrester

Seiki Digital has unveiled a 50” Ultra-HDTV 4K television display for a bargain $1,499. It goes on sale in the next few days in the USA, and the company is promising a 65” model later this year at a similar low price.

“The introduction of Ultra HDTV is perhaps the biggest news since the first arrival of HDTV, and Seiki  is leading the charge to make the next generation of high-definition entertainment attainable for today’s television buyers at an affordable price,” said Frank Kendzora, EVP at Seiki.  “The Seiki 4K2K picture quality is stunning with clarity and vivid colors that far surpasses conventional HDTVs. At the Seiki price point, today’s TV buyers can future-proof their next purchase with the latest Ultra HDTV technology, enjoy current high-definition video content, and be ready to experience 4K content as it becomes available in the near future.”

Moreover, the 50” unit is capable of a 120 Hz refresh rate, and the company says the set comes with an HDMI version 1.4 connection cable.

However, Seiki is perhaps not famous for quality. Built in China, and from one of the world’s largest producers of TV sets, early reviews are positive.

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